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Sweet Pain: Which Beatle are You?


Which Beatle are You?

John Lennon:

[] You were raised by someone other than your parents.
[] You have been described as a hippie.
[] You get in trouble a lot at school.
[] Your star sign is Libra.
[] You are a natural leader.
[] You don’t like organized religion.
[] You like cats more than dogs.
[] You wear glasses.
[] Your favorite color is green.
[x] You hate the dark.


Paul McCartney:

[x] At least one of your parents encouraged you in music.
[] You are the oldest child in your family.
[x] You are a practical joker.
[x] Your favourite color is blue.
[x] You are fairly quick to show your enthusiasm.
[] You are a fan of football.
[] You are concerned with your appearance.
[] You are a vegetarian.
[] You are a Gemini. 
[] You had sex at the age of 15 or younger


George Harrison:

[] Your parents are still together.
[x] You are the youngest child in your family.
[] You do well in school.
[] You are a Pisces. 
[] You love gummy bears.
[] You are spiritual.
[] You are younger than most/all of your friends.
[] Your favourite color is purple.
[x] You are shy.
[x] You hate going to the dentist.


Ringo Starr:

[x] Your parents separated when you were young.
[] You are an only child.
[x] You get sick a lot.
[] You are born under the star sign Cancer.
[x] You are one of the oldest of your friends.
[x] You are picky about your food.
[x] You really like your independence.
[] You have blue eyes.
[] Your favourite color is red.
[] You are short.



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John and Cynthia 

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¿Pueden ser más adorables sus caras?


¿Pueden ser más adorables sus caras?

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